4 Most Common Pool Maintenance Repairs

4 Most Common Pool Maintenance Repairs

4th Oct 2022

Your pool is a living, breathing body of water that requires vigilance and care to keep things in working order. From time to time you’ll need to perform maintenance (or even repairs) on your pool’s most vital components in order to keep things from falling apart. At Pool Parts Unlimited, we know a thing or two about pool components and pool maintenance repairs. Here are four of the most common repair jobs we see.

Leaky Pool Pumps

Leaky pool pumps happen from time to time, all of the time. Yes, your pool’s pump — the “engine” that keeps your pool running correctly — is one day going to leak. A leaky pool pump can come from a worn pump lid, the drain plug, or the very pipes pushing water out of the pump itself. If you’re in need of a new pool pump, look no further than Pool Parts Unlimited.

Dirty Filters

A dirty filter flags fairly easily — you’ll notice your pool water looking (and smelling) swampy. Thankfully, replacing your dirty filter is typically easy, depending on the type of filter you have. There are three types:

  • Cartridge filters, which are common and need replacing every seven years
  • Diatomaceous Earth or DE filters, which last ten years
  • Sand filters, on a well-fitted pool filter, last about seven years as well

At Pool Parts Unlimited, we offer a range of filter sizes and types to fit your needs!

Clogged Pumps

A leaky pool pump is bad. A clogged pool pump is even worse. Small debris, such as pet hair, grass, seeds, pollen, pine needles, and leaves can fall into your pool, which runs through a filter. With enough loose debris, you’ll end up with a clogged pump. It’s a common reason for repair and simply requires you to unclog the pump manually.

Air in Pump Basket

Air in the pump basket is a common problem for many pool owners, but it’s important to call in a pool repair expert for a fix. In extreme cases your pump could overheat, further damaging it.

Pool owners know their job is never finished. That’s why staying on top of your maintenance is so important if you’ve got a pool. In the event you need new pool parts, don’t hesitate to shop around our website, and get the pool parts you need!