Tools You Need to Close Your Pool

Tools You Need to Close Your Pool

15th Nov 2022

Summer always goes by so quickly! But once pool season ends, it's vital to spend time closing your pool. This ensures that your pool stays clean and in good condition throughout the colder months. Here at Pool Parts Unlimited, we have all the products you need to keep your pool running smoothly, including winterizing products. Here are a few of the products you'll need to close your pool, and place your order today!

Winterizing Products

  • Winterizing Plug - This plug fits into your pool's skimmer to prevent any water from entering and potentially causing damage during the winter.
  • Air Pillow - Placing an air pillow underneath the surface of the water can prevent it from freezing and cracking the walls of your pool.
  • Pool Cover - A cover for your pool will keep debris out and maintain the water's temperature.
  • Winterizing Chemicals - These chemicals help balance and protect the water in your pool during the colder months.
  • Pool Closing Kit - For a one-stop shop, purchase a pool closing kit that includes all the necessary products for winterizing your pool.

How To Close Your Pool

Ready to close your pool using the pool products you've ordered? Here's the general process:

1. Adjust your pool's pH and chlorine levels with winterizing chemicals.

2. Use a pool brush to clean the walls and floor of any debris.

3. Install the winterizing plug and air pillow in your pool.

4. Place the cover over the surface of the water.

5. Turn off all equipment and store it properly for the winter.

If you have any issues closing your pool or using our products, get in touch with our team!

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Don't let the end of summer mean the end of your pool's condition. Use these products to properly close your pool and ensure its longevity. Shop with Pool Parts Unlimited today!

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