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4 Cost-Effective (and Cool!) Pool Upgrades

4 Cost-Effective (and Cool!) Pool Upgrades

15th Jan 2021

If you’ve had your swimming pool for a while, you're probably comfortable with all of its features, and reticent to invest in anything new. While sticking to what you know may seem like the easiest route, upgrading aspects of your pool can actually save you money in the long run and help make your pool more fun\! The last several years have seen enormous leaps in terms of pool technology and energy-efficiency, so it’s worth taking another look at what pool upgrades have to offer.

In this blog post, we discuss four fun and cost-effective swimming pool upgrades that can help take your pool to a whole new level. Whether you’re looking for parts for a new pool component, or you want to repair or replace the one you already have, you can always rely on Pool Parts Unlimited for the highest-quality pool parts, supplies, equipment, and accessories available anywhere. Read on to learn about some of our favorite cost-saving pool features, then browse our inventory of thousands of products today!

Saltwater Pool Conversion

Does swimming in your pool sting your eyes or turn them red? Are you sick of emerging from your pool only to find that your hair is discolored and your expensive new bathing suit has been totally bleached? Converting your pool to a saltwater system can help!

First of all, it’s important to note that saltwater pools do, in fact, contain chlorinate, despite a common misconception otherwise. Although saltwater pools are chlorinated, they require much less chlorine than a traditional pool, since they convert salt into chlorine. In order to convert your pool into a saltwater system, you must first install a salt chlorine generator to your pool pump and filter system. Next, you’ll need to add a small amount of salt, which will flow through the generator and convert into pure chlorine via electrolysis. Voila!

In addition to being gentler on the body and requiring much less maintenance than traditional swimming pools, salinated pools are also more cost-effective. While the upfront cost can seem steep, the saltwater chlorine generator will eventually pay for itself in spades due to reduced running costs; unlike chlorine, salt is not constantly evaporating, so you won’t have to frequently (and expensively) replace it.

Variable Speed Pool Pump

Believe it or not, your single speed pool pump could be your home’s second largest energy drain, costing you as much as $560 every year. Replacing your single speed pool pump with a variable speed pump may save you up to $450 per year in energy costs. This is because variable speed pumps can provide the same amount of filtration as single speed pumps, all while using only one-eighth the amount of energy.

In addition to their amazing cost-saving potential, variable speed pool pumps are also much quieter than single speed pumps; the fact that they are fully enclosed means that most of the noise from the generator is muffled, rather than released through the vents. In fact, many people say that when they operate their variable speed pump at a low speed, they can’t hear it at all! Variable speed pool pumps are also much more durable than single speed pumps, since the internal components aren’t constantly exposed to the elements. In addition, many variable speed pumps today have wireless capabilities, so they can be controlled via a smart device, anytime, anywhere.

Heat Pumps

Heated swimming pools provide the ultimate swimming experience, yet they can cost a pretty penny in energy costs. Heat pumps are the latest innovation in inground pool heating technology, allowing you to heat your pool while saving you huge amounts of money. Heat pumps work like a “reverse air conditioner;” a fan draws in warm outside air over an evaporator cooler, while your pool water runs through a heat exchanger, absorbing the heat. As you might suspect, heat pumps work best in hot climates, so if you’re a Floridian or Californian looking to save money on your pool upkeep, this is a great option to consider!

LED Lighting

Quality lighting can add safety, energy-efficiency, and a “wow factor” to any swimming pool. The most energy-efficient pool lights available today are light-emitting diode (LED) lights. Unlike traditional incandescent lights, which use a filament, LED lights use a small semiconductor to convert electrical energy into light, using up to 80% less energy in the process. In addition to wasting less energy, LED lights also last an impressive six times longer than traditional lights. All in all, LED lights are unquestionably the smart option for pool owners looking to save big.

Today’s LED lights are also jazzier than ever before, since they allow you to add some color to your pool. The latest pool lights can even change color via a smart device, so that you can cultivate the perfect aesthetic for pool parties, barbecues, everyday hangs, and other backyard occasions.

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