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4 Supplies Every New Pool Owner Needs

4 Supplies Every New Pool Owner Needs

1st Apr 2022

Knowing the right equipment and accessories to get for your pool before heading into a swimming pool shop will save you money and time. Besides equipping your pool with fun accessories, you also need the right supplies to help you maintain and care for your pool. Below are four important supplies every pool owner needs to have.


Pool Water Testing Kit

Apool water testing kit is arguably the most important tool you'll need to keep your pool healthy and provide excellent maintenance. It's essential that you test your water regularly so you can determine the chemicals needed to help keep your pool safe, healthy, and bacteria-free.

You can choose to use liquid test kits or stock up on test strips. Make sure you test your pool water every week to determine the alkalinity, chlorine level, water hardness, pH level, bromine level, and cyanuric acid in the pool.

Pool Water Sanitizer

Pool water sanitizers are used to remove harmful pathogens that are harmful to the body, minimize the buildup of algae, and make your water cleaner. Chlorine and bromine are some of the most populous and effective sanitizers available. You can also combine them with alternatives such as UV pool systems, pool ionizers, and ozone pool systems for a more effective cleanse.

Pool Shock

Pools are meant to be odor-free and devoid of any type of smell. Once you notice strange smells coming from your pool, you'll need to apply a pool shock to eradicate the smell. Many different factors, including rain, algae, and human bowel wastes cause pools to develop an odor.

A pool shock such as cal hypo, also known as calcium hypochlorite will help kill the bacteria, clean your water, and help bring the chemical levels back to normal. You'll need to apply pool shock to your water at least once a week.

Toys and Games

There's no fun at the pool withouttoys and games. Besides the fun, pool toys, such as rings and barbells help enhance breathing, coordination, and swimming competency. And if you have kids, toys like rubber duckies and kickboards will help your kids learn how to float and kick easily. Pool toys and games are simply essential to the general idea of swimming which includes comfort, being healthy, developing your muscles, and having fun.

While there are still many supplies that'll help keep your pool clean, healthy, and enjoyable, these four are definitely at the top of the list. Make sure you get your pool supplies from a reputable pool supply company like Pool Parts Unlimited.

Not only do we offer authentic pool products, but we also provide our customers with advice and recommendations on how to make their pool even better. We are a swimming pool equipment supplier you can trust.